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Dog jumps fence, has talent for law enforcement

A Belgian Malinois dog who proved a little bit too energetic for his owners may end up as a law enforcement service dog, according to the Mercury News.

The two-year-old Belgian Malinois is named Koa, and has been in the Southern California Riverside Country Animal Services facility twice already.

After being adopted, Koa jumped over a six-foot fence and took off from his new home. His owners wanted to keep him but were scared that Koa - with his penchant for jumping - might end up in a vehicular accident.

An appropriate solution may be found by providing Koa with a career in law enforcement service. Many Belgian Malinois work as search-and-rescue dogs, as well as help police officers.

Koa is on his way to a training facility in Arizona, where his talents may be honed for public service.

Belgian Malinois generally make very good guard dogs, according to Owners who wish to keep their Belgian Malinois in check should exhibit confidence and a "natural authority" over their dog, reports the website.
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