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Dog named Sugar revived by CPR

Sugar, a four-year-old Boxer, suffered a seizure during an obedience training session in Tacoma, Washington, and was brought back to life after trainer Ron Pace performed CPR on the dog, according to the News Tribune.

The emergency dog rescue was caught on tape and has since attracted over 190,000 views on the internet.

The video shows Sugar's owner, Tiffany Kauth, crying in panic and crouching over the dog as it lies motionless on its side. Pace is seen entering the frame and attempting to calm Kauth while administering chest compressions on the animal.

Pace then leans in and opens the dog's mouth, performing CPR on the unconscious canine. He does so several times, alternating between mouth to mouth and applying pressure to the dog's side belly.

The video eventually shows Sugar breathing on his own again.

“[Sugar] is a big part of my everyday life. There would be a big hole if he wasn’t there," Kauth told the news source.

Pace has been a dog trained for 34 years and is well-known around the Tacoma area. He called the experience "very traumatic" seeing Sugar motionless, and Pace says that his own instincts kicked in. 
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