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Dog owners may exercise more than others

People often need motivation to get their butt to the gym, but one survey may prove that dog owners can stay active without it being a chore.

According to the AARP Bulletin Today, one-third of canine owners who responded to a survey stated that they exercise with their pooch. Walking was rated as the most popular form of fitness that pets and their owners enjoyed together, while tossing a Frisbee and jogging came in second and third, respectively.

Of those respondents, 29 percent said they worked out more after becoming pet owners.

People who want to start a fitness routine but don't know where to begin may want to consider skipping on that gym membership and head to their local animal rescue shelter instead.

There are other reasons for people who have extra time and money to donate to animals. In fact, experts believe that exercise is great for canines, too.

Dogs that get out for a run on a daily basis may be calmer and home and less fretful in front of others, according to
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