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Dog performs daring animal rescue and saves cat's life

Humans usually do their best to help animals in need, but once in a while, an unexpected furry savior comes along.

A dog from Troy, New York is one such four-legged hero. According to TimesUnion.com, a pit bull named Phoebe was out for a walk when she suddenly made a bee-line for a trash alley.

It was there that a cardboard box was found, and a kitten was discovered crying inside.

''I heard this little meow and walked over to the pile, but Phoebe got right in and then had her nose through a hole in a cardboard box,'' Melissa, the dog's owner who did not give her last name, told the news outlet. ''I looked through a little hole made when the kitten apparently tried to escape and saw him inside. I could not believe it.''

The animal, who is now available for adoption, is expected to make a full recovery.

This isn't the first instance of a dog going out of its way to help a feline in need. In fact, a pooch in the U.K. named Shyla has been offering her milk to kittens without a mom for a few years now.
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