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Dog receiving stem cell surgery up for adoption

A 3-year-old Golden Retriever up for animal adoption will receive stem cell surgery in Marshall Country, West Virginia, according to WTRF News.

The story carries a mystical air, as the puppy is called Zeus, the surgery will be performed near Mount Olivet, West Virginia, and the physician is named Dr. Castle.

"We harvest about 30 grams of fat from the patient. Then we extract stem cells from the fat, and later inject them into the joints or veins of the patient where they're needed," said Dr. Amanda Castle, of Town and Country Animal Clinic.

Zeus suffers from severe arthritis, or degenerative joint disease, and will has his own stem cells re-implanted into his hip joints.

"Chronic inflammation--stem cells are going to be the answer. Chronic diseases as well. And what we're seeing now is, you treat a dog for degenerative joint disease with stem cells and his chronic ear infection clears up. I believe in miracles. We have seen what I think are miracles with stem cells," Dr. James Radcliffe, who owns the clinic, told the news source.

Zeus as well as another dog named Snickers, a 2-year-old former racing greyhound, are up for animal adoption, according to WTOV9. Interested adopters can contact Town and Country Animal Shelter.
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