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Dog returned to owners after 40 days in mountains

Dog owners sometimes spend months looking for their lost pet, hanging up fliers and driving through the neighborhood with squeak toys and milk bones. But we're left to wonder, how long does a dog spend on the hunt for his owners?

Buck, a strong-minded black lab from California, was recently returned to his owners after spending 40 days and 40 nights traversing the wintry wilderness of the Santa Cruz Mountains, CBS affiliate KPIX-TV reports.

The bold pup's owner, Terina Held, feared the worst when Buck went missing in January after a torrential rain storm travelled through her town, flooding the waters of a swelling river nearby.

Luckily, when Held's neighbor, Mark Smith, decided to take a day off from work and go hiking for his birthday onFebruary 16, he spied the lost pooch. Smith's path took him past a patch of dry river bed, which Buck had wandered into after the rain storm, says the news provider.

Scooping up the brave pooch, Smith was able to carry him back to his home and loving owner.

"I would think that anybody who loves animals and was walking and seeing what I saw probably wouldn't have hesitated to do what I did," Smith told the news source.
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