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Dog sniffs out breast cancer, saves owner

A dog's nose knows, and in the case of Brenda Jones, her dog's nose knew that she needed medical attention for a grade three tumor in her breast. Jones says her dog probably saved her life.

Jones, who lives in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, said that her spaniel, Mrs. Murphy, had been acting strangely for a week and then pawed at her left breast, causing her to jump in pain, Daily News & Analysis reports.

"She was sitting on my lap all the time, something she normally didn't do," Jones told the Daily Star.

She went to investigate the pain and discovered a strange lump on her breast. She saw her doctor the next day and was diagnosed with breast cancer. The 47-year-old mother of two was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove the grade three tumor and is now undergoing chemotherapy.

"Without her pawing me that day, it would have gone undiagnosed," Jones told the Daily Star about her cancer. "I'm convinced she sensed I had a tumor."

Unfortunately, humans are not as good at sensing cancer in their canines. If a suspect lump shows up on a pet, owners should take it to a veterinarian for consultation, VCA Animal Hospitals reports.  
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