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Dog stolen from home, reunited with owner later

Sometimes there's an ending so sweet to a story, it begs to be told. It's safe to say that the story of Megan Mackie, an Omaha, Nebraska resident, and her pooch are one such tale.

According to, Mackie's beloved pit bull, Lola, was stolen from her home on Christmas Eve. The woman returned to her house on Friday night to discover her house in disarray and her best friend in the world missing.

"It's so cold outside, and she's just not equipped to deal with that because she's really spoiled," she told the news outlet. "Everything was just running through my mind, the worst that could happen."

A Christmas miracle took place the next day, when Lola was brought in to the Humane Society. She and Megan were reunited on Monday, putting an end to an emotionally trying weekend. Authorities are still looking for the culprits responsible for Lola's theft.

According to, thieves may steal a dog in order to claim reward money or to use the canine for dog fighting.
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