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Dog thwarts home invasion

Calamity Jane, a three-legged golden retriever, sensed something was wrong at the home next door and she took action, reports the Star-Telegram.
While being walked by her foster mother outside, she darted toward the neighboring home and began barking loudly. It turns out that the neighbors were being held at gunpoint by home invaders.

Her foster mother, Shar Pauley, describes Calamity Jane as very calm and knew that something had to be wrong for her to react the way she did that night.

"That night, though, her fur bristled up and she barked frantically and took off next door," Pauley told the news source.

Her loud barks were enough to scare off the intruders, who fled the scene and were later arrested and put in jail.

Calamity Jane has been honored by the Humane Society of the United States. She was chosen as first runner-up in the Dogs of Valor Awards and also won the People's Hero award, which was chosen by online voters.

Many animals, including ones that may only have three legs, are available for adoption at local animal shelters. The Humane Society estimates that shelters care for six to eight million animals every year.
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