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Dog training keeps senior woman healthy

Despite her falls and other medical setbacks, Mary VanDeCarr, 85, will not stop doing agility training with her dogs, WALB 10 News reports.

Using a wheeled walker to help her race through the course with the canines, VanDeCarr says that doing this special training with her dogs keeps her healthy.

"As long as I'm doing agility, I don't have any aches or pains or any problems," she told the news source.

VanDeCarr has fallen while training, but she does not let fear or other hurdles get in her way of doing what she loves.

In addition to keeping herself healthy and happy, she serves as an inspiration to friends and other agility trainers.

"She's an inspirational figure to everyone who knows her. She's like the battery bunny," Fran Seibert, the owner of Jazz Agility, the center where Mary trains, told the news outlet. "She just keeps going."

In addition to practicing agility training, VanDeCarr has also run an animal rescue shelter and has rescued a number of dogs. In addition to helping their master physically, there is no doubt her dogs also help her emotionally and mentally. According to The Republic, canines are used to calm and heal soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in Iraq.  
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