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Dog watches over owner's grave in China

Lao Pan, 68, did not have a family or many friends who would visit his grave after he died earlier this month in the village of Panjiatun, China, but he had one loyal companion - his dog.

BBC China reports that the dog stayed by its owner's grave, refusing to leave even after seven days without food. He was lured away once, but only briefly.

"I saw the dog when I was working on the field, and I called him, and wanted to bring him back home, because I also have a dog," a man said in an interview with the BBC. "I gave him a steamed bun when he came to my home. The dog caught the [food] and ran back. I caught him, but he ran even faster to the tomb, and stayed there." reports that other villagers have started bringing the dog food and water so that it stays healthy while standing by its owner in this dramatic display of loyalty. Local residents are also planning on building a kennel at the site since the dog is not willing to be adopted or relocated. 
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