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Dogs Bring Beneficial Bacteria Into Home

Countless studies have shown that beneficial bacteria are key players when it comes to producing immunity from disease.  Microbes are all around us; on our skin, in our digestive tracts, on the surfaces around our homes and the people we interact with.  Any addition to the family brings new things into the home - personalities, resources, schedule changes... but it turns out that dogs bring a little extra.

A new study has shown that families with dogs have a higher bacterial diversity, both in the home and in the people.  This may sound initially off-putting, but actually, this very diversity acts like a dose of probiotic-filled yogurt, increasing beneficial bacteria populations, bolstering immunity, and decreasing the likelihood of allergies in developing children.

So the next time your kid gets a friendly lick on the face and responds like Lucy: "Yuck!  I have dog germs!"  Just remind them that Snoopy is actually doing them a favor, helping to keep the whole family healthy and happy.

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