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Dogs more likely than cats to receive gifts this season

Felines who were expecting a visit from Santa this year may be out of luck. According to research, pet owners are more likely to give their dogs presents during the holiday season than their cats.

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press showed that 56 percent of people who were parents to a pooch said they would offer their four-legged companion a gift this season. However, only 48 percent of cat owners stated they were willing to add Whiskers to their shopping list.

The Page family, from Moriarty, New Mexico, admitted they treat their two black labs, Andy and Bella, like royalty.

"Our dogs used to get a lot more attention before we got kids, so if we can do this little thing for them I think that's good," she told the news outlet. "The kids find it very entertaining to open the gifts for the dogs."

Pet parents who aren't sure of what to purchase for their feline have plenty of options. Owners may want to surprise their companion with a new toy or a scratching post.
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