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Dutch zoo creates elephant-sized contact lens

An elephant at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam was the first elephant in Europe to be fitted for protective lenses after it injured an eye playing, AFP reports.

Veterinarians were able to fit the Asian elephant, Win Thida, with a contact lens that will help her right eye heal.  Zoo employees say that Win Thida likely scratched her cornea on a branch while playing with other elephants, and it was constantly watering before she received the lens.

A veterinarian who specializes in eye procedures to help animals like horses and other large mammals went to work on the eye, which is eight times the size of a human's, from a ladder that allowed her to lean into the stall, MSNBC reports.

The procedure took about an hour after the elephant was mildly sedated and enclosed in her stall so as not to move much. Experts expect the contact lens will fall out in several weeks once the eye has healed, but if it does not veterinarians will climb back up to remove it. 
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