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EPA sued over pesticide use that may contribute to animal endangerment

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is being sued by The Center for Biological Diversity, which claims that the government organization did not consult wildlife officials when regulating pesticide usage. The plaintiff claims that failure to discuss pesticide effects with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials could have serious effects on endangered animals and their natural habitats, according to Reuters.

"The ecological risk assessment does not consider the cumulative or synergistic effects posed by multiple pesticides on wildlife or the environment, nor does it address delayed effects of pesticides, referred to as 'lag effects,'" reads the suit filed in San Francisco federal court.

The statement adds that the EPA has only consulted with wildlife officials about the threats pesticides pose to endangered animals a handful of times since 1993. The EPA declined to comment on the case, according to the news source.

The suit aims to force the EPA to impose greater restrictions on the use of pesticides, which could help repopulate some endangered species.

According to, there are currently 1,555 endangered animals in the U.S., in addition to 714 endangered plant species.
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