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Easter leads to hasty rabbit adoption

"You don't get a reindeer for Christmas. Why would you get a rabbit for Easter?" Wendy Lincoln asks the Daily Reveille.

However, Lincoln - who is the founder of Magic Happens, a rabbit animal rescue group in Baton Rouge - says that people tend to hastily adopt rabbits around the Easter season, without being prepared for all of the work that goes into raising a rabbit. This leads to an increase in rabbits being sent to animal rescues after the Easter holiday.

For Magic Happens, the group usually has less than 30 rabbits in its program, but the number is currently closer to 40, which Lincoln attributes to the Easter season.

"It's very impulsive," said Lincoln, who reminds adopters that litter boxes have to be cleaned daily and that rabbits can sometimes be bossy.

According to Animal Care and Control of New York (ACCNY), about 200 bunnies are taken in by the center every year, "an incredible amount of rabbits for a city environment," according to the executive director of the ACCNY, Julie Bank.

Lincoln hopes that she can raise awareness for bunnies so that people will donate money for rabbits as well as other animals at the shelters.  
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