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English hen lays two record-breaking eggs

Animal rights activists who want to save animals may get a kick out of this latest tale.

According to the Daily Mail, a hen in the United Kingdom recently produced a pair of record-breaking eggs. Astonishingly, the female chicken, named Harriet, laid them only days apart.

"My son Haythan went out there to the hens and found the second egg. He comes back and says 'Guess what? I've got another one,'" Tony Barbouti, who owns the barnyard bird, told the news outlet.

Harriet's original egg, which was laid on June 8, was 4.5 inches long and boasted a 9.1 inch circumference. Her encore seedling made its appearance only days later.

"Luckily I kept the first one or I don't think anyone would believe she laid two. It's virtually the same length but it is even bigger across. It's definitely another whopper," Barbouti told the news outlet.

A hen's egg is usually 2.3 inches long with a 5.5 inch circumference. This means the fruits of Harriet's labor were about double of what normal chicks can do.

For now, Barbouti is waiting to see if his favorite fowl will keep her winning streak going, as the average chicken lays about 5 eggs per week. Good luck, Harriet!
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