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Environmentalists argue over humanity of trapping animals

Animal welfare group Born Free USA recently attacked the practice of trapping wild animals with a video showing a number of methods they considered inhumane, The Times Leader reports.

The group is now petitioning to have the Pennsylvania Game Commission make changes in trapping laws. They want to prohibit the use of body-grip traps and cable restraints and require trappers to use an "efficient and less-cruel" method of killing the animals, the news source reports.

But others, including some conservationists and animal-rights supporters, say that trapping wild animals should be allowed in order to manage their populations and see that they die in a humane manner, rather than dying a slow, painful death caused by disease or accident.

Barry Warner, a conservation officer near the state's Pocono Mountains, supports this view. He told the Associated Press that his love for trapping led him to a conservation career.

"I don't want to see anything suffer," he said.

Trapper Mike Smith also agrees, telling the media outlet that trapping serves a valuable role in wildlife management and is usually not cruel when done correctly.

"I try to explain to people why it's not cruel," he said. "People think of the old days when traps had teeth. It's not that way anymore," he said. 
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