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Experts speculate endangered wild cat revival in New Hampshire

Canada lynx have been spotted in New Hampshire more frequently recently, leading biologists and conservationists to believe that the endangered wild cat may be making a comeback, The Wire reports.

According to WMUR News, the Canada lynx is endangered in New Hampshire and was added to the federal endangered species list as "threatened" in 2000. However, wildlife biologist Will Staats told the Wire that the species is cropping up more frequently than it used to.

He himself experiences his first lynx sighting this spring, and a pair of lynx sightings were reported this fall. On two separate occasions, a group of four lynx were photographed in Pittsburgh, New Hampshire, in November and December.

"The notable thing is that this tells us that we've actually had some reproduction in New Hampshire. We haven't documented that before," Staats told the news source.

While biologists track the lynx, other researchers are embarking on a four-year study to examine the abundance of bobcats in the state. The Fish and Game Department is collaborating with the University of New Hampshire to study this revival of wild cats. Fish and Game is also conducting a survey to count the lynx this winter. 
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