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Family finds dog at animal rescue shelter after three years

When a crisis made it necessary for a family to drop off their beloved dog, a five-year-old shepherd mix named Hayley, at the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington State, they never thought that they'd see their friendly pet again.

However, they never forgot Hayley. They would often talk about her, and even kept pictures of the lovable dog on their cell phones, according to USA Today.

Three years later, when they were able to care for a pet again, the family returned to the same shelter and noticed that a dog who looked just like Hayley was going crazy - happily, it was their own furry friend who obviously recognized them!

The volunteers at the animal rescue shelter posted the story on Facebook, and recounted how Hayley ran away from her adoptive families and returned to the shelter countless times.

Maybe she knew that her owners would return for her as soon as they could?

Though the sweet reunion story is incredibly touching, there are many cats and dogs in animal rescue shelters who are still waiting to meet the family of their dreams!

If you plan on picking up a pooch, be sure to visit your local animal rescue shelter.
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