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Family reunited with lost dog after eight years

The canine member of the Pruitt family in Fredericksburg, Virginia, will be home for Christmas, after an eight-year stint on a road that somehow led her to California, The Huffington Post reports.

Kristen Pruitt told that their pit bull, Petunia, had gone missing on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2003, when they let her out with the other dogs on the family farm. When she didn't return after an hour, the Pruitts began a search mission, looking all over the Fredericksburg area for their beloved pooch.

The family got a call from the Chancellor Animal Hospital last Thursday, informing them that their dog had been found, brought to the shelter and scanned for a microchip. She was found wandering a park near Sacramento, California - nearly 2,800 miles from home, the news source reports. Petunia will be flown home by the end of this week.

Although her rough, dull coat indicates that she hasn't eaten well lately, the dog's friendly, good-natured demeanor seems to be the same, the Pruitts told the news source. In fact, they assume that her loving personality may be the reason she was picked up when she went missing eight years ago.  
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