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Family takes in dog they rescued from frozen river

When Dick Wesler of Marysville, Michigan, heard barking outside of his home, he became worried that a dog had been hit by a car in the road outside of his home. He ran outside and followed the noise, and was surprised to see that the pooch in distress was not in the street, but was instead floating on a chunk of ice on the river behind his home, according to

The Labrador mix was clinging to his icy hold and whimpering for help.

Dick's wife Gale called local animal rescue officials while Dick tried to help the dog by laying down a ladder for the canine to latch onto.

Eventually, a group of firefighters arrived on the scene and saved the creature by lassoing him with a rope and pulling him ashore, the news source reports.

The dog was initially cold and inactive, but when the Welser's pulled him in and warmed him up, he thawed out and became more active. As of now, the lucky dog has taken up residence at the Welser's place, according to the news provider.

Animal lovers who would be willing to take in a loveable dog who has survived similar ordeals should contact their local animal rescue center.

According to the U.S. Humane Society, there are between 6 and 8 million cats and dogs entered into animal shelters each year.
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