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Fans on Facebook can fund seeing eye dogs for the blind

Many organizations use Facebook to raise awareness of a cause, but now one is using the social media site to help animals help people, reports. During the month of March, Dog Bless You, a seeing-eye dog organization, will donate the funding required to train and gift a guide dog for the blind for every 5,000 new "likes" its Facebook page gets.

The one-year-old organization has already reached its March goal of getting 300,000 "likes," according to its Facebook page. In addition to providing guide dogs to people who need them, the purpose of the Angels Eyes campaign is to raise awareness about the canine-human bond.

"The hope is that the campaign will shine a light on the incredible bond between guide dogs and their owners, as well as create better awareness to help streamline the dog donation process and better serve the blind," an representative told the news outlet.

The organization has matched service dogs with military veterans and provided canine support to search and rescue missions following the Japanese earthquake last year.

"[Dogs] improve the human experience in amazing ways," Charlie Weingarten, founder and community curator of Dog Bless You, told the news source. "Seeing eye dogs are among the most dramatic examples of that."
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