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Feb. 17: adoption begins for dogs rescued by "phenomenal" Ohio residents

When more than 100 dogs were rescued from terrible conditions in a Chippewa Lake home in early February, the Medina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) implored residents to help in the rescue effort, reported

Since then, people have been lining up to drop off food, donations, and in many cases, to offer help as volunteers.

"The outpouring of support has been phenomenal from the community. Thank you so much Cleveland, thank you Akron, thank you Medina," one volunteer told WKYC News.

The animals, who have been receiving much-needed medical attention, will become available for adoption at the Pearl Road Petsmart in Medina on February 17. Some have already moved to other homes as well.

"One of the purebred rescues has come to pick up the Canan Terriers, and they are being loaded up in the rescue van to take them back to their shelter, and they are going to find their forever home. I know where they came from, I was part of getting them out of the tragedy that they were in, the misery they were in. And seeing them have a chance at learning to love someone is very rewarding," Mary Jo Johnson, a human officer, told Fox8. 
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