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Firefighters stage animal rescue in Eggertsville

Some dogs love riding in cars. As soon as they hear their owners' car keys jingle or jangle, their ears will prick up, their tails will begin to wag, and they're likely to make a beeline for the family vehicle.

However, one poor pooch in Eggertsville, New York, spent far more time in a van than he should have on Monday. The dog's leg had become trapped under the seat of a minivan that he had crawled into, and firefighters from the town were called to the scene, according to

Eventually the help of the Erie County SPCA was also enlisted to calm and sedate the frightened animal. Firefighters then unbolted the seat and used an air-lifting bag to remove the canine from the vehicle, the news source reports.

We're guessing that the dog will prefer to walk from here on out!

Owners who allow their pets to ride shotgun should keep their animal's safety in mind, especially in the hot summer months.

If your pet begins to exhibit signs of heat stroke, such as panting, erratic pulse, anxious expression or red lips and tongue, the SPCA recommends taking them to a cool, shady place, wet them with water (but not ice) and contact your vet.

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