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Five More Winners In Shelter Challenge Share Happiest Moments

The Winter 2013 Shelter Challenge offers pet owners a chance to share some special moments starring their adopted friends in three different photo contests.

The first one, which concluded in November, asked people to share the "happiest rescue" photo that they had. 

The top prize of $1,000 went to Southern California Siamese Rescue. The blue-eyed Siamese photo submitted by Mandy included the caption that the "Queen of the Manor" had her happiest moment when a foster family took her in.

The runner-up prizes of $500 went to Arizona Cactus Corgi Rescue, Colorado Greyhound Adoption, Pawsitively Cats from Arizona, and Wynne Friend of Animals in Arkansas.

For Wynne Friend of Animals, a very dirty but happy puppy called Dewey took the honors.

"We have another picture of Dewey and his adopted sister (also from Wynne) getting a bath together, but that one probably wouldn't win the 'happiest contest'. They only like to go in the water on their own terms!" said Ed about his submission .

Voting for the finalists in the second Photo Contest, which asked for the Funniest Rescue photo, is going on now through Dec. 4.

Submissions for the "Sweetest Rescue" will be taken after that. 

To see the Funniest Photo finalists or enter the Sweetest Rescue Photo Contest, go to Shelter Challenge's contest page and click on the appropriate link.

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