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Flea medications can help animals enjoy the summer months

In the springtime, dogs who spent all winter cooped up inside are likely to revel in the great outdoors. Whether they prefer rolling on a freshly-cut lawn, running through a field or splashing through a pond, they're sure to appreciate all of the smells, sights and sounds of the new season.

Unfortunately, spending more time outside may increase a canine's chances of picking up fleas, which can be a pest to both your pooch and your family.

Many experts recommend applying a flea medication to dogs at the start of the season, though there has been some controversy about whether or not certain chemicals are safe for pets.

After receiving a slew of complaints that particular brands of flea medications caused skin irritation, diarrhea, depression and seizures in dogs, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency decreed they will begin investigating the different products, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Dr Catherine Outerbridge, of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, told the news provider that it's important for owners to read labels carefully before applying a product to their pets, and to closely monitor their furry friends to detect any adverse side-effects.
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