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Flooded animal rescue center receives a lot of help

The Animal Rescue Fund in Muncie, Indiana, was flooded by water and then by love, according to The Star Press.

Volunteers as well as donations have rushed in to help the organization dedicated to aiding animals.

"We are definitely feeling the love. At the beginning of the day [Monday], I felt like there was no hope for this place. By the end of the day, I felt the exact opposite. I felt like nothing could bring us down," Phil Peckinpaugh, the director of the Fund's facilities, told the news source.

The ARF's founder echoed the gratitude.

"Amongst all of that water, all of that mud, there was such beauty there. Words cannot express how much it all means to us," Terri Panszi told the news outlet.

Volunteers have also offered to be foster parents to dogs in need of a home.

A chihuahua named Virgie has found a playmate in a 3-year-old whose mother owns a hair salon and decided to take in a dog.

Many dogs around the country are in need of homes, whether the pet parents be foster or adoptive owners. Unfortunately, unwanted animals are still being euthanized due to lack of space at animal shelters. Thus, spaying and neutering is crucial to control animal populations.
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