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Florida company finds the power of animal manure

With their constant attention, unconditional affection and limitless energy, animals can brighten our days in a number of ways. But can they actually brighten our homes with an efficient, if foul-smelling, source of power?

On March 1, Florida's commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Charles Bronson announced the completion of on a bio-energy plant that turns animal waste into renewable energy, organic soil and fertilizer, Foster Folly News reports.

"Florida has more than half a million horses, and waste disposal in an increasingly difficult and costly endeavor," Bronson told the news source.

He added, "In addition to providing a safe and effective waste disposal method, this technology can also move Florida further ahead in efforts to produce clean, renewable energy."

The plant, which is expected to produce enough electricity through animal waste to meet its own needs, and provide organic soil and fertilizers to local nursing and landscaping companies, has turned Florida's animals into veritable energizer bunnies!

After a year-long demonstration project, the plant's owner, the company Sigarca, hopes to create a full-scale bio-energy plant with similar technology and greater output, reports the news source.

According to Purdue University, more than 95 percent of all animal manure is currently used as a fertilizer for land application.
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