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Flower store owners fall in love with stray cat

Though many pet owners seem to be born with the desire to love and care for a friendly cat or dog, others need to warm up to an animal and form a personal relationship before they can allow themselves to get attached.

For Karen and Ken Nelson, who own Mars Flower House & Greenhouse in Le Mars, Iowa, their relationship with their beloved cat, Sassy, took nearly a year to bloom.

About a year ago, Sassy, a sleek white and black-spotted feline, would come visit Karen, who was battling cancer at the time. One day when Karen was sitting outside, trying to warm up, Sassy came especially close. Finally, she jumped into Karen's lap, according to the

"It was the Lord and my friends and this cat that got me through my cancer," Karen told the news provider.

However, despite her sweet nature, the Nelsons still had some reservations about adopting the animal. But, as the weather got colder, they gradually broke down and allowed her into) their house.

Now, Sassy spends most of her days keeping the couple and their customers company at the flower shop.

Those who are considering adding a furry friend to their family could visit a local animal rescue shelter to find the cat or dog that's right for them.
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