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Food donations help groups balance their budget

Rescue BankThe following "thank you" after a recent distribution of pet food funded by the "Click Here To Give" program at The Animal Rescue Site demonstrates how necessary food donations are for small rescue groups:

Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation would like to express our sincerest appreciation to Pets and People Humane Society, Mars Petcare, and The Animal Rescue Site for the much needed donations of high quality dog food and treats...With these donations, our monthly outlay has been reduced by about $400 a month. Without this help, our program would be much more limited on the number of animals we can help. Being able to feed 30 dogs and puppies every single day without the stress of finding the funds to pay for that much food is an amazing boost to our efforts, and is so meaningful we cannot express how vital these donations have become.

Lori & Richard, Haven of Hope Rescue provides funding made possible by The Animal Rescue Site's "Click Here To Give" program to Rescue Bank. In turn, Rescue Bank provides transportation and distribution of palletloads of pet food to rescue groups like Haven of Hope. To learn more about how groups can sign up for Rescue Bank's assistance, click here.

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