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Foster families are often the middle step for animal adoptions

While it's ideal for a dog to go directly from a shelter to a loving family, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes, in order to prevent the animal from being euthanized, they are put into a foster home.

The SCTimes.com recently highlighted this process when they interviewed Holly Vanderweyst, a kindhearted woman who acts as a foster mom for the American Brittany Rescue. At the time, she was caring for Jonas, a 1-year-old Brittany spaniel who was about to be placed in a permanent home.

"All the time and emotion you put in it will be worth it," Vanderweyst told the news outlet. "It will be easy to leave him because I know they will take care of him. I want to make sure the first adoption is the last adoption."

There is at least one rescue group for every dog breed out there, so those who want to become a foster parent should do some research to see what groups are in their area. The act could save a canine or kitten's life!
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