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Free book offers plenty of tips on living with wildlife

Wildlife questions and concerns can make up nearly half of the incoming calls to local animal care and control agencies.

"Working with local communities, we’ve seen again and again that a user-friendly resource covering all the basics of wildlife conflicts is urgently needed," said Maggie Brasted, wildlife policy associate with The HSUS.

Living with Wild Neighbors in Urban and Suburban Communities: A Guide for Local Leaders offers advice on how to solve problems without resorting to poisoning, trapping or killing animals. It is now available for free download on The HSUS website.

"When the Town of Bethany experienced a severe beaver flooding problem at our local park, we were afraid that removing the beavers was our only option," said Derrylyn Gorski, first selectwoman of Bethany, CT. "I was thrilled when The HSUS showed us how installing a ‘beaver baffling’ device and some tree protectors could help us resolve our beaver problem humanely. This solution made everyone happy, including the beavers! Having access to these types of solutions will benefit many communities, their leaders and residents."

The HSUS free guide focuses on four species of common concern – Canada geese, beavers, deer and coyotes – but the information can be applied to conflicts with any wild species in any community. More information can be found on their website and YouTube channel about living in harmony with other species, including raccoons, bears, rabbits, skunks, woodchucks and foxes.

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