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Friendship with pitbull encourages veteran to start Pets2Vets

When Army veteran Dave Sharpe returned from serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, he had difficulty acclimating to civilian life, and became depressed as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to

However, when Dave's friend introduced the veteran to a pitbull puppy named Cheyenne, he formed a close bond with the pooch. His relationship with Cheyenne proved therapeutic, and Dave slowly began to heal from his traumatic experiences, the news source reports.

The former soldier told Fox that one night, when he awoke from a particularly bad nightmare, Dave saw Cheyenne looking at him and was suddenly more able to control his negative and violent emotions.

Because of the joy and healing that Cheyenne has brought into his life, Dave has started Pets2Vets, an organization that pairs veterans and animals to help reduce the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Though ex-soldiers are sure to like the comfort and companionship that a loving pet can offer, the organization helps animals, too. Instead of being sent to an animal rescue shelter, the dogs and cats are given to a loving and welcoming home.
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