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Funeral home enlists dogs to help grieving families

A funeral home in Chillicothe, Ohio, is taking a unique approach to comfort family members who have recently lost a loved one. The Fawcett, Oliver, Glass and Palmer Funeral Home has enlisted the help of Wilson, a therapy dog who is on hand to assist grieving family members, according to the Zanesville Times Recorder.

"He adds an extra dimension to what we do," Terry Palmer, owner of the home, told the news source about Wilson. "We notice that families are more relaxed with him around."

The yellow Labrador retriever started his tenure at the facility in September. Palmer took note of the dog when he saw Wilson walk over to a crying family member who was in the process of making funeral arrangements.

The owner told the news source that most of his patrons appreciate Wilson and that some people have even written letters thanking the funeral home for their therapy dog services. Wilson is a comfort to children and adults alike.

According to, owning a canine companion has many benefits. Pooches can help one cope with stress and encourage owners to exercise more regularly. 
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