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German Shepherd rescue launches ambitious adoption campaign

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue in Lake Forest, California, is looking to have 63 dogs adopted in 63 days, in part to trim its burgeoning dog population of 120 canines, the Orange County Register reports. The initiative will run until Labor Day.

The vigorous campaign initiative will be showcasing German Shepherds and Shepherd-mixes that have been surrendered by their owners or have been saved from euthanasia at animal shelters, the news source reports. Starting the effort with an adoption fair, managers hope to overcome the typical summer slump in adoptions.

Rescue director Tiffany Norton, speaking to the news source, added that they "are looking for adopters who want to add a family member. German Shepherds prefer to be an integrated member of the pack. We pride ourselves on being able to match the right dog with the right individual, couple or family."

According to the Register, the donation rate has been dropped to $100, and this price includes neutering, vaccination and registration needed for a proper adoption. Five dogs have already found homes. The Rescue urges dog lovers in Orange County to save animals by giving them a good and loving home.

Many pet owners who choose to leave their dogs in shelters when they rescind ownership also found and adopted the dogs from shelters, according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy. By leaving their beloved pets at a shelter, their dogs, may just find a new owner and a second loving home.
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