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Getting Along Like Cats And Dogs?

For more than four centuries, common phrases such as "fighting like cats and dogs" have suggested conflict, while cats and dogs are often depicted as mortal enemies.  But many families that have experienced the exact opposite - deep friendships between these species - would disagree with this long-held stereotype.

Both the video and story below are proof that cats and dogs can not only get along, but show affection for each other, sometimes developing enduring, even lifelong friendships.  Check them out for a perfect way to kick off this holiday season.

Story:  Kodi & Myshkin

We've all heard the expression "fighting like cats and dogs", yet some cats and dogs form powerful bonds, like the one between my Malamute, Kodi, and a rescued kitten named Myshkin.

Baby Myshkin followed Kodi everywhere and loved to sleep with his huge, furry "mama." Over the years, the love between Kodi and Myshkin delighted all who saw them – and plenty did, as Myshkin never missed our neighborhood jaunts, sitting proudly beside Kodi outside the local shops.

Kodi was always ready to fight off any dog who threatened "his" cat, but what was amazing was how this protectiveness turned around when Kodi became stricken with cancer. Myshkin knew his beloved friend was gravely ill and seldom left Kodi's side. I thought he just wanted to stay close, but it turns out he was actually guarding Kodi.

One afternoon towards the end, Kodi, weak but not suffering, was resting on the lawn with Myshkin beside him. Suddenly, a huge dog appeared, heading our way. Normally, Myshkin would skedaddle at the sight of a strange dog, but this day, he held his ground. As the big dog approached, Myshkin stood up and moved directly into its path, puffing up and growling like something possessed. The dog tried to go around him to get a sniff at Kodi, but any way he turned, Myshkin blocked him with his own tiny body – left, right, then left again.

The poor cat was clearly terrified, yet there he was, risking his own life to protect the helpless friend who had been his guide and guardian for so many years. The stray dog soon gave up and departed, leaving me with a lump in my throat – and a sense of awe that remains to this day.

Shared with us by:
Susan Lane, from Redding, CA

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