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Getting a Pawsitive Start

At the Michigan Humane Society, people working directly with the animals have learned something vital.  Food, water, and shelter are important steps to making a pet adoptable, but it isn't enough just to meet a pet's physical needs.

The mental and emotional health of a shelter cat or dog is just as imporant as the physical.  Teaching dogs and cats new skills, good manners, and even tricks keeps them active and interested during their stay at the Humane Society.  Mental stimulation makes for a saner, more adoptable pet.  

The Pawsitive Start program does all this and more.  With training, dogs and cats become better socialized and have the chance to learn that people are a source of treats, fun, and love - not something be afraid of.  With good socialization, new skills, and a healthy interest in life, pets in this program have the best possible chance at finding the perfect forever home.

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