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Giant panda gives birth in Atlanta zoo

It looks as though the world is one step closer to taking an incredible creature off of the endangered species list. According to, a giant panda cub was born in the United States last week.

The news source reports that Lun Lun, a 13-year-old female panda, gave birth at Zoo Atlanta last week. Her cub is the only giant panda born in the U.S. this year.

"Lun Lun appears to be providing appropriate care for her cub, which is roughly the size of a cell phone," the zoo said in a statement, adding that "a preliminary veterinary checkup will be performed as soon as staff is able to remove the cub without disrupting maternal care."

This is the third successful pregnancy for Lun Lun and her mate, Yang Yang. All three of her offspring were conceived by artificial insemination.

Experts estimate that there are currently around 1,600 giant pandas left in the world, with around 280 of them living in zoos.
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