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Goldman Environmental Prize given to rhino conservationist

Raoul du Toit is a staunch supporter of the endangered African rhinoceros. The Zimbabwean animal conservationist was recently named as one of the recipients of the Goldman Environmental Prize, according to Mercury News.

Rhinos are in great danger when it comes to poaching because their horns are so valuable. According to the news source, 2.2 pounds of a rhino horn can be sold for $40,000 in Vietnam.

Poaching is a problem not just for rhinos but for many other animals in Zimbabwe, a problem which Du Toit hopes to combat with his conservation project, the Lowveldt Rhino Trust.

Under the efforts of the Lowveldt Rhino Trust, the number of rhinos killed decreased to 21 last year, from 71 in 2009.

Rhinos weigh between 3,000 to almost 8,000 pounds and are herbivores, according to National Geographic. They are among the endangered species but according to Du Toit, the animals are very self-sufficient and can take care of themselves, as long as the poachers can be kept away.
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