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Grants awarded to Foundation help all sizes of shelters’s funding of Foundation programs in 2010 resulted in hundreds of grants, big and small, to shelters and rescue groups in the Network.

Hide, Perch, and Go Boxes
Forty-seven shelters received funding for boxes, resulting in 164 pallets with nearly 60,000 boxes distributed. Boxes are used to house cats while waiting for adoption and then to transport them to their new home, greatly reducing feline stress and resulting in more adoptable cats according to reports from shelters.’s contribution of $180,000 paid for fully half of the program in 2010.

Feline Vaccinations

More than $140,000 was awarded to 78 shelters for FVCRP vaccinations in 2010. This funding helped vaccinate more than 81,000 cats in 2010.

Kennel Cough Vaccinations

Six shelters received grants totaling $64,000 in 2010 to vaccinate dogs against bordetella (kennel cough), resulting in the vaccination of more than 114,000 animals. Since 2008, has donated more than $346,000 to this program.

Spay/Neuter Grants
The Camden County Animal Shelter became the latest group to receive more than $20,000 for their community program to provide free or low-cost veterinary services. Such programs help encourage families to have their animals spayed or neutered, resulting in both better health for the animal and lower animal population leading to less puppies and kittens in the shelter.

Gulf Coast Emergency
In 2010, donated more than $130,000 to Network members needing immediate assistance due to the impact of the BP oil spill on the region. Grants were allocated to groups willing to take animals out of the region for adoption (approximately $23,000) as well as helping shelters in the region to care for a higher than normal influx of pets in the summer of 2010 (approximately $107,000).

Challenge Grants

In conjunction with The Animal Rescue Site’s Shelter+ Challenge, Foundation distributed $310,000 to rescue groups and shelters in 2010. Challenge grants for the care and feeding of animals equaling $200,000 were awarded between January and August 2010, with the remaining $110,000 distributed between September and December 2010.

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