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HSI receives animal rescue grant from announced today that approximately $170,000 has been sent to Humane Society International for animal-related needs in Japan.

In the wake of the March 11 Tohoku earthquake, HSI will use this funding for the purchase and shipment of emergency supplies, and planning and implementation of temporary sheltering facilities in the disaster zone.

Since March 12, the HSI team has been communicating and working with Japanese animal welfare groups on the ground, and with other international animal welfare organizations, such as World Vets helping to determine and meet the most urgent and immediate needs. The most requested assistance by the network of local groups in Japan are dog kennels, animal bowls and collars, and food supplies for displaced, surrendered, or abandoned animals, as well as guidance on setting up emergency sheltering operations.

HSI’s Disaster Response Team members, who were providing veterinary training at Cebu in the Philippines on March 11, have  purchased $120,000 of essential supplies from the Philippines which Philippine Air generously offered to ship for free to Japan.

In addition, HSI is sending $50,000 to one of the lead organizations, Japan Animal Welfare Society, in order for them to procure what supplies they can in Japan for their sheltering operations and to assist in the support of individual veterinarians who were located in the disaster area and who have been helping with pet rescue and subsequent care.
HSI will continue talking with local organizations about increasing emergency sheltering capacity and looking at opportunities to support the animal rescue and care provided by individual veterinary hospitals.

Photo courtesy of Humane Society International

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