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HSUS urges Tyson to end cruelty to pigs

A representative from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) attended the annual shareholder meeting of Tyson Foods on Friday to urge the meat corporation to move away from gestation crates at their facilities.

These crates, in which the pigs are bred, are so small the mothers cannot turn around during the entire four month pregnancy. After being placed in a smaller crate to give birth, they are put back into the gestation crate, the HSUS reports.

While other major meat manufacturers have announced plans to move away from gestation crates, Tyson lags behind, the news outlet reports. Scientific research has proven that this type of confinement causes suffering, and Tyson Food's own advisor, Dr. Temple Grandin, told the news outlet that she feels the gestation crates have "got to go."

So far, Tyson's competitors have pledged to make the switch from these crates. Hormel Foods recently announced that it will phase out gestation crates by 2017, while Smithfield Foods reported that it will be 100 percent free of these crates for its company-owned operations in five years. Meanwhile, Cargill is already 50 percent gestation crate free. 
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