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Hero dog walks again after stem cell transplant

A courageous dog is getting a chance to live life to the fullest after a tragic incident, reports.

According to the news source, Corporal Dustin Lee and his canine companion, Lex, were trained to sniff out bombs in Iraq. However, in 2007, a grenade killed Lee and left his dog unable to walk.

Lee's parents adopted the four-legged hero and were soon determined to get him on the mend. They found Dr. Lee Morgan, a veterinarian who is using stem cell therapy to help Lex get on his feet once again.

"The idea is that these stem cells will regenerate some of the lost cartilage, some of the lost tissue, maybe even some of the lost nerve function," Dr. Morgan told Baltimore station WBFF, the news source reports.

After one treatment, Lex is getting his mobility back once again.

According to, 700 military dogs are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The canines are often used at checkpoints in order to sniff out drugs and explosives, and are sometimes needed for mine-clearing operations.
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