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How rescuers help animals with prosthetic limbs

Medical advancements have assisted humans with illnesses and injuries for years, and it appears as though scientific breakthroughs are allowing pet owners to help animals as well.

The New York Daily News recently highlighted unique creatures who saw their quality of life improve after receiving prosthetic limbs.

First, there was Tzivka, a turtle from Israel who unfortunately lost feeling in her back legs after being run over with a lawn mower. Doctors at Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv recently attached a set of wheels to her shell, allowing her to move with freedom.

In the U.K., Garcia the goose lost the top half of his beak after becoming entangled in a fence. Veterinarians at the British Wildlife Centre created a fiberglass replacement and attached it during an extremely detailed surgery.

"We couldn't believe how great she looked after her nose job," veterinary nurse Terry Kemp told the paper. "Who would have thought you could save a goose's life with a piece of fiberglass - it's absolutely incredible."

Time Magazine also reports that a stork named Uzonka from Romania was fitted with a prosthetic bill years ago.
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