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How to help an injured animal

Seeing baby animals in the yard causes many people to feel a natural instinct to help them and make sure they survive. While sometimes humans can be helpful to wild animals, they are generally fine on their own, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reports.

The idea of an orphaned animal can cause human concern about whether the baby can take care of itself. The HSUS reports that many animal parents leave their young alone during the day and check on them occasionally. While there are different specifications for different species, if humans spot a baby animal on its own that appears quiet and at peace, its mother is probably nearby.

There are cases, however, when humans should step in to help wild animals. The HSUS reports that if the animal shows evidence of bleeding, shivering or a broken limb, humans should contact a licenced wildlife rehabilitator. The same is true if a pet dog or cat presents the animal to humans, or if the animal's dead parent is nearby.

Humans should never handle a wild animal without first consulting a professional, as improper treatment can cause serious injuries. Humans could also disrupt the animal's life course or accidentally hurt it.
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