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Humane Society of Atlantic County survives Sandy

Since 1968, the Humane Society of Atlantic County's home stood on the edge of the bay. In more than fifty years, their facility never flooded or suffered any severe damage from hurricanes.

But when Superstorm Sandy hit, the storm surge washed over their sandbags and washed out their supplies.

Steve Dash, the HSAC director, rode out the storm inside the facility, fighting against wind, storm surge, and flood water to keep the animals and the shelter as safe as possible.

Although all the animals in his care came through Sandy safe, dry, and healthy, the shelter and HSAC's veterinary hospital suffered flooding, over a foot deep in most places.

The Humane Society lost their food supply, a significant amount of medications and vaccines, veterinary equipment including their x-ray table, three refrigerators, and other office equipment.

Outside damages included downed trees in exercise areas and exterior damage to the shelter's buildings.

Despite this, HSAC kept going, helping to distribute food and supplies for all the displaced families in their community.

Currently, they continue their clean-up efforts as well as caring for the animals. Since the storm. an increased number of stray dogs have been brought to the shelter for care by the local police.


HSAC was one of the first groups picked by to receive a disaster grant made possible by donations at The Animal Rescue Site. Within days of the flooding, a check for $10,000 was sent to support their efforts to serve their community.

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