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Humane officer performs pet rescue by breaking out car window

A Humane Society officer saved a dog from heat exhaustion by breaking out a car window in the Southgate shopping center, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

A golden Labrador retriever was left in the car during a day of 90 degree heat until a concerned citizen called for help. The Human Society officer who arrived at the scene was able to rescue the animal from danger. The dog had visual signs of heat exhaustion and the owner did not return to the vehicle until almost 2 hours later.

Erica Meyer, a spokesperson for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, told the source the owner of the dog was written up on two counts of animal cruelty before the Labrador was returned to her.

Even mild sunny days can cause a parked car to reach temperatures of 120 degrees, according to the Butte Humane Society. The organization notes that some common symptoms of hyperthermia include excessive panting, lack of coordination and thick drooling saliva.

Heat exhaustion can be a real danger for your pet during the warm summer months, making it preferable to keep your pet cool at home instead of sitting in a hot car, recommends the Lexington Humane Society. 
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