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Jennifer Lopez stars opposite three animal rescue dogs in The Back-Up Plan

Jennifer Lopez's new film, The Back-Up Plan, is the first movie the actress has appeared in since she had her twins. But, we're guessing that the three dogs who played the role of her special-needs pet may steal more than one scene from the gorgeous actress.

That's right - three different canines played Lopez's pooch in the film. Nubbins, Nip and Tuck, who are all animal rescue dogs, were picked for the part. The adorable Boston Terriers are all able-bodied, but they were strapped into a scooter for the film.

Lopez told USA Today that she could tell the difference between the three canines by how they acted on set.

"One was good at faces, one was good at walking in the chair, and one was good at moving his head and fighting with you," she told the news source.

She added, "They were all very talented. It was fun. Sometimes you just have to wait until they get it, but it was challenging."

Animal lovers can get in line to see the film on April 23, when it's slated to hit theaters.

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