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Kroger announces pet food recall

Pet parents may want to be privy to some seriously important information before feeding their beloved four-legged friend their next meal. Kroger Co., a retail grocery chain with locations throughout the country, is recalling some of its pet food.

Manufactures are issuing the recall because of fear of aflatoxin, a naturally-occurring chemical that is often toxic.

"Field staff will work along with the Kroger Co. during their regular duties to ensure all affected product is removed from store shelves," West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Gus R. Douglass said in a statement.

WOWK13 News reports that people who notice their animal exhibiting sluggishness or loss of appetite should immediately contact their veterinarian.

Individuals may be wondering if they should purchase organic dog food for their pets in the wake of such news. Dr. Hinson, an animal expert, spoke with and admitted that although these products may taste better and are often easier to digest, there has been no scientific data so far to support that organic products are better for a canine's overall health.
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